The seven-day Group Reisen lets the Gineta guests explore the jewels of Prague and the beautiful Bohemian countryside with its historical towns and villages. You will be guided by Phillippe Deswarte, who will provide you with fascinating insights into the culture and history of the Czech Republic through his intimate knowledge and story-telling ability. Phillippe is joined by well-known Belgian actor Maarten Bosmans, who is also recognised for his culinary craft. Together, they will entertain you and provide you with an unforgettable Czech experience.

Phillippe and Maarten have known each other since they were 14-years-old, when they met at theatre school in Antwerp in Belgium. The two very soon became best friends, and it was through Phillippe that Maarten learned about Prague and its surroundings.  Maarten has been a regular visitor to the Czech Republic since his teens, and like Phillippe, he fell in love with the beauty of Prague, its vibrant culture, and the breathtaking Bohemian countryside.

In 2010, the two friends found themselves in the local pub, and came up with the ideas of organising small, personalised tours of Prague and the sights of Bohemia for the Gineta guests.   Their knowledge, enthusiasm and varied interests makes this a truly unique experience for the Gineta guests. Our guests often speak of Phillippe and Maarten as the perfect hosts.

Who is Phillippe Deswarte?

Phillippe is the welcoming host for all the Gineta guests. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the country has no bounds. He guides you through the history, culture, and legends of Prague and Bohemia. His inherent storytelling ability will lead you into the life of the Czech people and its rich cultural heritage.

Phillippe moved permanently from Belgium to the Czech Republic in 2004, and has a lovely Czech wife, Zdenička and two beautiful children, Sebastian and Lukáš.

Who Is Maarten Bosmans?

Maarten is a well-known Belgium actor and has appeared on programmes such as Cops, Loslopend Wild, Amateurs and the Fresh Bakker on Belgium television. Maarten is also the masterchef in the kitchen during the group tours. He was a finalist in the popular TV show Celebrity Master Chef in 2012, so you can be sure that he will delight you with his culinary masterpieces.

Maarten has been coming to the Czech Republic regularly over the last twenty years to visit Phillippe and his family. As well has falling in love with the country, he also found his Czech princess, Zuzanna, the sister of Phillippe’s wife!

Maarten and Philippe welcome you with open arms and a glass of Bohemian champagne at Villa Gineta. Maarten will show you around the Villa, and you may stretch your legs with a relaxing walk in the forest. In the evening, you will be treated to a fantastic traditional Czech three-course meal.

Travelling by car, we head to South Bohemia to the impressive Orlík reservoir. We take a tour around the interior of the noble Orlík castle and a boat ride past the ruins. After visiting Zvíkov, the oldest fortress in Bohemia, you can relax with a home-brewed beer at the Zvíkov brewery. Meanwhile, Maarten awaits you with a delicious dinner at Villa Gineta.

Phillippe takes you on bus trip along the left bank of the Vltava, which continues with the funicular to the top of Petřín hill and its breathtaking views over Prague. There is a visit to Strahov Monastery, where you can taste their famous Norbetus Abbey Beer, and the castle complex Pražský Hrad to watch the changing of the presidential guards. After lunch, we visit the baroque city district Malá Strana, the St. Nicholas Church and the romantic Charles Bridge.  In the evening, we make our way to a small village nearby Villa Gineta for dinner.

Maarten takes you to the national park in the “West Bohemian Karst”, after which there is a beautiful walk (6 to 10 km) through the canyons of Great America, Little Mexico, and Little America. Then, it’s on to Karlstein, the most famous fortress in Bohemia, built in the 13th century. At Karlstein, a local guide reveals the secrets of Charles IV. Dinner will be a gastronomical feast at the Fregatta restaurant.

This is a free day, where you can relax or take your own day trip. Phillippe and Maarten have over fifty suggestions for excursions, and will gladly assist you in finding the right trip. You can go hiking in the beautiful countryside, visit the concentration camp at Terezín, see the intruiging bone church at Kutná Hora, take a boat trip on the Moldau river, or go shopping in Prague. At the end of the day, Phillippe and Maarten will welcome you back with another gastronomical delight.

Philippe takes you on the train to the right bank of the Vltava and Vyšehrad, where according to legend Prague was founded. From there, we walk along the river to the New Town and into the Old Town and the unique Prague Jewish quarter. The day ends with a feast in one of the oldest cellars in Prague.

We visit the famous brewery of Velký Popovice, where a guide explains the history and production process of the popular Kozel beer. From there, Maarten takes you to the medieval city of Tabor, where you can stroll through the town centre and dive into the wondrous catacombs. At the end of the day, there is an unforgettable Czech barbeque evening, including Mama Gineta’s famous potato salad.

It is with tears in our eyes that we wave you goodbye. Our hope is that you enjoyed the Gineta experience, and look forward to welcoming you again.

For 2020, we are pleased to announce the following Group Reisen dates:

16.05 – 23.05

30.05 – 06.06

13.06 – 20.06

5.09 – 12.09

19.09 – 26.09

Price per person:  from 23 000 czk / 870,- EUR

Included in the price:

  • 7 nights accommodation including home-made breakfast
  • 6 day trips, guided by Philippe and Maarten, including entrance fees, tickets, public transportation, boat fees, and activities
  • 4 evening meals at Villa Gineta, including the Czech barbeque evening, 1 dinner in one of the oldest cellars in Prague, and 2 three-course dinners at a restaurant close to Villa Gineta

You are responsible for: 

  • Travel to Villa Gineta and back home
  • You will have to make your own way to the starting points of the daily excursions – don’t worry though, you will be guided so you don’t get lost
  • All expenses not specifically listed as included in the itinerary