We welcome you to the heart of Bohemia. Our location is the ideal starting point for people of all ages to explore the vibrant culture and breathtaking countryside of Bohemia. This beautiful region offers countless opportunities for day trips, whether these be sightseeing, hiking, biking, boat trips, horse riding, rafting, or even gastronomical adventures.

At the Villa


Villa Gineta is a modern, stylish B&B, set in the beautiful Bohemian countryside just outside Prague. There is a beautiful gallery overlooking the outdoor terrace and offering a view into the indoor area. The outdoor terrace is the ideal spot to relax with friends over drinks and a bite to eat. The Villa also has a heated outdoor pool, set in a beautiful flower garden. You can also go trampolining, play badminton, volleyball, ping pong, or just hang our with our many four-footed friends.

Morning Consultations

Every morning from 9 to 11am, Philippe and grandpa Harry are available to help you in planning activities during your stay. Phillippe has put together over fifty day trips, so you can be sure that he can help you discover the Bohemia he loves so much. The service package gives you many plans and maps.

Guided Tours

 With a minimum of eight participants, Phillippe organises ‘’The Grand Tour de Prague’’ and ‘’Prague by Night’’.

 During the tour, Phillippe introduces you to the five historic quarters of Prague and their famous sights. The Grand Tour finishes with a feast in one of the oldest cellars in Prague. The tour starts at 9am and finishes at 11pm. (1870 KCZ , 68 € per person)

 ‘’Prague by Night’’ takes you to the unknown and mysterious corners of Prague. Phillippe takes you to some of the best vantage points in the city for breathtaking views of Prague at night. A boat cruise, with dinner and drinks, gives you the chance to relax and view the sights. The tour starts at 2pm and finishes at 12pm. ( 1650 kcz, 60 € per persoon)

Horseback Riding

We offer forty-five-minute individual training lessons in the indoor or outdoor arena with Pavel Liška, our professional trainer. Our horses are well-trained, and include The General, the pride of our stable. In co-operation with a neighbouring stable, we offer one to three-hour guided horseback rides in the beautiful Bohemian countryside. (from 495,- CZK, 18 € per hour)

Food for the Soul

At the Villa

Three times a week we prepare a delicious dinner for our guests (min 10 guests). We orgainse our ‘’Czech Evening’’, complete with campfire, barbeque delights, cold buffet, and of course Mama Gineta’s famous potato salad. The ‘’Prague Ham Evening’’ is also popular, with tender, slow-roasted pork, accompanied by crispy rosemary potatoes and vegetables. ‘’Dinner a la Phillippe’’ takes you on a surprise tour of Phillippe’s culinary skills, which are sure not to disappoint.   (495 CZK,18 € per person and 360CZK, 13 € for kids)

U Volešáků Restaurace

U Volešáků is a family-run restaurant serving traditional Czech cuisine. However, a favourite dish is the ‘’Geheimenissen des hauses’’ with American potatoes.


The Japeka is also a family-run restaurant serving a variety of Czech and international dishes. Don’t forget to try the tasty deserts, such as the palačinky (pancakes).

Fregatta Restaurace

Fregetta is a stylish restaurant on the banks of the Vltava, with friendly and welcoming staff. The ‘’Coque au vin’’ is recommended, and there is a coffee shop on the ground floor.

Barabizna Restaurace

Barabizna serves up a tantilising variety of Mexican dishes as well as juicy stakes. Try some of their fantastic cocktails and dig into a Geronimo steak.

Slowpec Restaurace

Slowpec is a newcomer to the scene and has quickly gained popularity and recognition for its cuisine. The dishes are prepared in a traditional outdoor oven, and we recommend the twelve-hour slow cooked veal.


Prague and its Five Quarters

Less than thirty kilometres from Villa Gineta lies one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague has been called The City of Hundred Spires, Golden Prague, and The Mother of Cities – for a reason. You can immerse yourself in its rich history, dive into the culture, and wonder at its magnificent architecture.

You can explore the five historic quarters of Prague, including Hradčany, with the impressive Prague Castle, Malá Strana (Lesser Town) on the left bank, and crossing to the right bank over the famous Charles Bridge. This leads you into Staré Město (Old Town) with its unique Jewish quarter Josefov, and onto the lively Nové Město.

Aside from the famous sites, Prague is also one of the greenest cities in Europe with it many parks and wooded areas. You can visit the old Bohemian residence of Vyšehrad overlooking the Vltava, take in the views from Petřin Hill, or visit the impressive Botanical Gardens at the Troja Chateau. Ask Phillippe for more Prague secrets, or alternatively join one of his Prague tours.

The city has something for everyone, with theatres, operas, concerts, shopping, cafes and restaurants.


Villa Gineta is surrounded by several protected nature reserves. The Bohemian Karst is a limestone area of wild, natural beauty, and dotted with caves and canyons. The Křivoklat area is a densely-wooded landscape with bare hill tops interwoven with the river Berounka, while The Bohemian Paradise is characterised by a harmoniously-shaped landscape and sandstone reliefs.

Villa Gineta is located nearby the confluence of the Sázava and Moldau rivers, with the Moldau being immortalised by the world famous composer, Smetana, in Má Vlast (My Country). There are also the famous reservoirs of Slapy and Orlík, offering various recreational activities.

Chateaus & Fortresses

The Czech Republic has a large number of chateaus and fortresses, a testament to its historical importance. Konopište was owned by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. His marvellous hunting trophies, magnificent drawing rooms, bedrooms, and studies as well as his private dining room, all retain the spirit of the man, whose death in Sarajevo sparked the outbreak of World War I. The castle of Dobříš , Mníšek pod Brdy and Jemniště are also recommended, and have guided tours in English and German.

Fortresses served to protect Prague, and each has its own rich history and architectural splendour. Karlštejn is a classic example of Gothic architecture, with its impenetrable walls, Chapel of the Holy Cross, and unique collection of Gothic paintings. Křivoklat is the famous residence of kings and emperors, set in the extensive Křivoklat forests. You can also visit Český Šternberk and its surrounding ruins.


The Sázava is one of the most romantic and unspoiled areas, and the river Sázava runs through the countryside like a golden thread. There is a train that takes you through the area, stopping regularly so that you can discover the castles and picturesque villages. You can even stop for a beer at one of the local breweries.

Towns and Villages

There are many enchanting towns and villages nestled in Bohemian. One of our favourites is the medieval town of Tabor, where you can take a leisurely stroll through the town and dive into the wondrous catacombs. There is also Kutná Hora, a UNESCO site, with its intruiging bone church and Gothic Barbara Catherdral.

War Memorials

The Czech Republic has several memorials to the World Wars and are worth a visit. Plan a whole day at the Terezín concentration camp. From 1942 to 1945 more than 40,000 Jews died in this transition camp. The city consists of two settlements on the left and right bank of the river Ohře. You can take guided tour of the Small Settlement while in the Jewish Ghetto there is a museum detailing the atrocities committed at the camp.

Lidice was burned to the ground by the Nazis in retaliation for the attack which killed Hendrich in 1942. All male inhabitants were killed and the women and children sent to concentration camps.

The military museum in Lešany is an experience for all ages and has more than 700 historical tanks, canons, motorcycles, armoured vehicles, and rocket technology.

Sports & Adventure


The Czech Republic has over 40,000 kilometres of well-maitained hiking trails. From Villa Gineta, you can hike along riverbanks, through forests, meadows and fields and take in the breathtaking views. Just ask Phillippe for advice for your perfect hiking trip.


The beautiful countryside surrounding Villa Gineta is a paradise for any biker. We can provide you with details for interesting trips, where you can take in the sights and sounds of the Bohemian countryside. We advise cyclists to bring their own bike.

More Adventurous

We co-operate with the local hunting and fishing associations, and can offer tailor-made arrangements for those interested.   Sports enthusiasts can also try rope climbing, river rafting and water skiing within a short distance of the Villa.   Just ask Phillippe for details.