Gineta Equestrian focuses on the development of horse and rider, individually or as a pair.  We offer training with our inhouse trainer, Pavel Liška as well as frequent seminars held by some of the top names in the equestrian world today. Our aim is to help riders develop based on their own individual goals, and to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to the novice and advanced rider alike. We accommodate dressage, jumping or simply taking the beginning steps.  Our facilities are ideal – a fact demonstrated through our long-term partnership with the elite riders of the Czech Republic, who frequently come to Gineta to prepare and train.

Gineta In-house Trainer Pavel Liska

In school, when Pavel was asked by his teacher, ‘’What do you want to be when you grow up?’’ Pavel replied, ‘’A jockey’’.  At 14, he enrolled in the the prestigious horse riding school at Kladruby nad labem, which focuses on teaching horse riding skills as well as providing students with a full secondary education.

After trying his hand at steeplechasing and show jumping, he spent two years training horses and managing stables in England. Returning to the Czech Republic, he took on the job of stable manager at Villa Gineta, in addition to getting his training certification from the Czech Equestrian Federation.

For Pavel, working with horses is not only a passion, but also a life-long journey where you are constantly learning. Together with his competition horse, Worman, he actively competes and trains.

Training Philosophy

Pavel believes that a relaxed and comfortable horse is one that will happily perform what you ask it to do. His training is based on creating that relaxation – horse and rider working as one. His starting point is a base line understanding of what the rider wants to achieve. From that, he creates a customised training approach that takes into account the goals, the skill of the rider and the horse.  He will work individually with your horse, and with the two of you together to help you achieve your goals.

Visiting Trainers

Gineta Equestrian hosts numerous seminars, led by some of the foremost trainers in the horse world today.   These seminars are typically multiple day events to give horse and rider the chance to develop through sessions, where the trainer gets to know your individual needs. The trainers that we host include Arthur Kottas, a former head trainer at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Lucie Marešová, the Czech Republic’s premier dressage trainer, and Monique Peutz, a Dutch international coach and judge.