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Villa Gineta is surrounded by several protected nature reserves. The Bohemian Karst is a limestone area of wild, natural beauty, and dotted with caves and canyons. The Křivoklat area is a densely-wooded landscape with bare hill tops interwoven with the river Berounka, while The Bohemian Paradise is characterised by a harmoniously-shaped landscape and sandstone reliefs.

Villa Gineta is located nearby the confluence of the Sázava and Moldau rivers, with the Moldau being immortalised by the world famous composer, Smetana, in Má Vlast (My Country). There are also the famous reservoirs of Slapy and Orlík, offering various recreational activities.


The Sázava is one of the most romantic and unspoiled areas, and the river Sázava runs through the countryside like a golden thread. There is a train that takes you through the area, stopping regularly so that you can discover the castles and picturesque villages. You can even stop for a beer at one of the local breweries.